The Women's Film Movement Association, dedicated to the promotion, professional development and support of women in achieving common goals and equal opportunities in the film industry regardless of gender.

Main areas of activity

support for women's visibility in the Ukrainian film and media environment

development of the Ukrainian film industry

support women in order to manifest their creative potential in the film and media environment

educational activities

protection of the interests of the members of the Association

promotion of comfortable working conditions for women in the film industry

We are part of a new and powerful international
women's support network in film and media

Our goal
Founders of the organization

Our goal is to support the women's film movement dedicated to the advancement, professional development and support of women in achieving common goals and equal opportunities in the film and media industry regardless of gender. We create a comfortable environment for women in the film and media industry for co-creation, co-production and networking.

Producer and director, who received the “Teletriumph” Award for Best Director (2012), was included in the list of "Top Best Young Media Managers in 2018", a member of the jury of the Banff International Film Festival (Canada, 2015).

Producer, financier, agent of cultural diplomacy, member of Producers Without Borders.

Ksenia Bugrimova

Larysa Gutarevych

If you share our values, we invite you to join the ranks of UFFI


How to become a member

You are a director, producer, media manager, actress, presenter, journalist and you want to develop a woman's view of the industry;

You have been working in the field of film or media for at least 3 years.

Fill out the application by clicking "Join Us";

Enter your data and give permission for its processing;

Your application will be reviewed and, if approved, an invoice will be sent;

Pay the membership fee. The annual contribution is 400 UAH per year;

UFFI reserves the right to approve or reject applications submitted to the association.

We will be glad to see you among the members of our association!

Kyiv, Ukraine, +38 (098) 479 6387

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