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Ewa Network (European Women's Audiovisual Network)
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Ewa Network (European Women's Audiovisual Network)
(Women in Film and Television)
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Gender inequality has been prevalent in the film industry for decades. Because of it the role of women in cinema has become very distorted.
In order to address gender equality in the film industry, it is important to look at it from a business perspective and focus on networking between women in the industry, as we do in the WTECH business community for women leaders in digital and IT. After all, it is in support that we grow and scale together as a cultural unit of the world.

Victoria Tigipko,
Founder and Managing Partner of TA Ventures Venture Fund, President of ICLUB Global Private Investors Club, Founder of WTECH Women's IT and Digital Business Leaders Community, Founder of the all-Ukrainian network of free programming clubs for children “Code Club Ukraine”, Ukrainian President of the Odessa International Film Festival, Chairman Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Film Academy, Founder of DzygaMDB - the online database of Ukrainian cinema.

Despite the fact that the film industry has existed for over a century, gender inequality is still prevalent in the industry. The dialog in regards to this issue has begun only recently with the emergence of women’s movements and associations. Film awards have started to apply gender quotas, and festivals pay more attention to gender balance both in the programs and in the jury. It is important for Ukraine to develop mechanisms aimed to regulate this issue as the diversity of views presented by both women and men ensures the development of the creative industry.

Anna Machukh,
CEO of the Odessa International Film Festival, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Film Academy, co-founder of DzygaMDB.

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